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without busy agendas, urgent alerts or todos

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Simple, clean and focused

No distracting alerts, urgent notifications, or endless todo lists here.

More time for the important discussions

Thoughtful features that save time and help you stay organized

Quickly find all of your meetings and their agendas in one place, ordered by recency of discussion.

Adding new topics is a breeze, and repeating topics always bring their full context forward.

Private notes and collaborative documents are side-by-side and make revisiting any long-running conversation a breeze.

Made by & for Leaders & Coaches

Features that make managing many one-on-one discussions less challenging and more enjoyable

Repeat Topics

Easily repeat any topic on your agenda with a single toggle

  • Sometimes you need to discuss a topic repeatedly, and consistently until it's no longer a priority.
  • Any topic you add to an agenda can be automatically added to future agendas with the simple click of a toggle.

No more copy-and-pasting topics in a document, topics can repeat automatically on this agenda.

Shared Notes

Quickly recall conversations and context with shared notes

  • Every topic has its own rich-text, collaborative document for building shared context.
  • Shared note-taking helps engage attendees during meetings and gives them something to review at their leisure afterwards.
  • Revisit the topic 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months later and your shared notes are still there - one document, fully focused on this topic.

Notes and comments are date audited to help remind you of when, not just what.

Private Talking Points

Never forget crucial details or questions with private talking points

  • Draft key talking points that you can always reference privately while discussing the topic.
  • Talking points travel with you between meetings with different people, wherever you discuss this topic. So you can improve your topic talking points as you gain experience discussing it.

Draft topic notes at anytime before or after you add the topic to an agenda.

Side-by-side Discussion Notes

Review and consolidate notes with a side-by-side view

  • You discuss the same topic with 10 people, take notes, and later find all those notes side-by-side for easy review.
  • Discover patterns across conversations, consolidate lessons or action items, or improve your talking points all from a single topic page.

Discussion notes let you capture the unique conversation highlights, and later distill insights with ease into topic notes.

Data Driven Insights

Learn and improve collaboration with data driven insights

  • Each person tends to collaborate differently, become aware of how you collaborate with your own personal insights and metrics
  • You may learn that you are too focused on private notes rather than shared, collaborative notes. Adjust your style to build trust and help your teammates feel alignment and see collaboration.

Collaboration Insights show the mix of interactions, discussion frequency, and more - aggregated across peers, reports, groups or individuals.

Topic List

Revisit discussions quickly with a compact topic list

  • No need to scroll or search through dozens of agendas or shared documents, your topics are in one pane.
  • Drill into shared and private notes, comments, and other topic details without ever leaving this list.

Topics can also be searched, but the topic list is a quick and convenient way to filter and browse.

Draft Discussion Topics

Collect your thoughts over time with draft topics

  • Choose an audience: Peers, Reports, Everyone - then start drafting a shared document that will be the template for the conversation.
  • When you add the draft topic to an agenda, your draft shared document is copied into the discussion to kickstart collaboration.

Draft topics give you time to frame a discussion long before you have it.

Data Encryption

Peace of mind with at rest, in use / at work, & in transit encryption

  • All of your private notes, talking points, shared notes, and comments are protected with best-in-class encryption at all times
  • Most products claim they provide Encryption at Rest, but we go the extra mile and ensure your data is encrypted in use / at work, too
  • Our application-level encryption makes direct querying of content, and analysis of text in our database, impossible

Your data is always safe, secure and available for your eyes only. We take privacy seriously.

Privacy Minders

Avoid revealing sensitive notes with built-in privacy screens

  • Sensitive conversations and notes can be hidden automatically while you browse.
  • Quickly dismiss a privacy screen with a simple click or tap.
  • Full window privacy screens are enabled after one minute of inactivity. Opening an OurSails tab is a low-risk action.

Privacy screens can be temporarily or permanently disabled based on your preference.

No Todos, No Distracting Alerts, No Demotivators

Collaborate on long-term goals without urgent todos

  • Less noise can create space for calm, thoughtful discussion. We avoid urgent notifications and distracting alerts.
  • We're not competing with your task management system, we're complementing it. Link to your tasks as-needed from any shared notes.

The Eisenhower matrix is well known, but too many apps still ramp up urgency. Not here.

Group Discussions

Organize a multi-person discussion in OurSails

  • OurSails is designed for one-on-ones, but Leaders & Coaches can host multi-person discussions and agendas, too.
  • Anyone can add topics to the agenda, and each topic boasts its own rich-text shared document for collaborative note taking.

All of your meeting agendas in one place makes it easy to remember the things that matter.

Prepared Topics
Better Conversations

Draft conversation topics, prepare your talking points, and organize shared rich-text collaborative documents in advance for better discussions.

Access a growing library of topics that help Leaders & Coaches spark great conversations with their teammates.

Focus on the future

People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what they can do in ten.
   - Microsoft founder Bill Gates


OurSails Align


Align efforts to invest for the long-term.

Focused Discussions


Learn and adjust for effective collaboration.

Real-time collaboration


Iterate shared strategy, succeed together.

Win-win Outcomes
Align. Collaborate. Succeed. OurSails