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OurSails improves meeting habits with clear discussion topics and collaborative writing spaces.

For high-performers, professionals, managers, coaches and mentors. For you.

Organize any of your discussions

Self Journaling


Group Agendas

If you are engaged with self-reflection for personal growth, OurSails will support your efforts.

  • Your personal topic library will provide you with an ordered space in which to journal your ongoing development.
  • 1-1 meetings with fellow travelers can be set up to share thoughts on topics that matter to you both.
  • Reminders can be used to help you to organize your day and will be the end of your post-it habit.
  • Our Topic Template library will provide you with ways to reflect and self-help guides.
  • Your privacy is our key concern. Your data will never be sold or accessed by a third-party.

If one-on-ones are an essential aspect of your working life, you will appreciate how OurSails enables you to gain deep insights into how your colleagues feel about their work and personal progress.

  • OurSails supports your planning for consistent 1-1 meetings using prebuilt topics and smart agendas.
  • Synchronous data input allows both participants to capture the information that matters most.
  • Reminders help to make sure you never miss a deadline.
  • Private notes help you to build a deep knowledge of your colleagues and how you can support them.

If group collaboration is an essential aspect of your working life, you will appreciate how OurSails supports seamless asynchronous and synchronous teamwork, which keeps all informed and engaged with your projects.

  • Group meetings allow for shared topics to be developed over time.
  • Key project information can be curated and shared in orderly and easy to access topics.
  • Notifications ensure that no changes are missed as teams add details to the topics.
  • Reminders help to keep everyone involved on task and up to speed.
  • Shared vision and group cohesion can be fostered with each passing project milestone.

Easy, time-saving meeting preparation

Our features help you quickly capture, organize and share the meaningful material that matters.

Smart Topics

No more copy/pasting bullets between agenda documents. Create a topic and schedule it onto multiple agendas with the click of your mouse. Configure the topics to repeat or recur automatically, if you wish.

Private Notes

Every time you discuss a topic, your private notes for that topic are conveniently at your side. Jump through a dozen topics? Private notes for each appear immediately when the topic takes priority.

Quick Agendas

See and manage the agendas for all of your meetings in one place. Add, remove or reorder topics quickly. You'll always know you've got the right topics prioritized with the right people!

Painlessly pick-up where you left off

Easily recall what to talk about, why it matters, and how you'll follow-up.

Repeat Topics

Never forget topics with auto-repeat

  • Sometimes you need to discuss a topic repeatedly, and consistently until it's no longer a priority.
  • Any topic you add to an agenda can be automatically added to future agendas with the simple click of a toggle.

No more copy-and-pasting topics in a document, topics can repeat automatically on agendas.

Shared Notes

Recall discussions with shared notes

  • Every topic has its own rich-text, collaborative document for building shared context.
  • Shared note-taking helps engage attendees during meetings and gives them something to review at their leisure afterwards.
  • Revisit the topic 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months later and your shared notes are still there - one document, fully focused on this topic.

Notes have an auditable history to remind you of who documented what and when.

Discussion Reminders

Always follow-up with reminders

  • Clearly commit to following-up by leaving a reminder on a topic for your meeting counterpart to see.
  • Find all of your reminders in one view, and quickly drill into the topic to get the full context.
  • Prioritize reminders by date, and celebrate as you mark them complete with a click of a button.

Create reminders openly on shared topics or privately for behind-the-scenes follow-up.

Secure and Private

We never share your data.

Data Encryption

Best-in-class encryption

Your data is always safe, secure and available for your eyes only. We take privacy seriously.

Anytime from Anywhere

Access and lead meetings from any web browser.

OurSails has helped me transform the way I go about my day-to-day work from one filled with post-it's, scribbled notes and various e-documents to an efficient, centralised record of the conversations I have with colleagues, and the reminders of what I need to do next to move my projects along.


Subscriptions have a 14 day free trial.
You may cancel at any time. When your plan expires, you will lose the ability to create new meetings and upload files and images, but the notes, topics, and meetings you've already created will always remain accessible and active for you.

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