Mission Driven

What we do

At OurSails we're empowering brighter discussions and healthier collaboration.

People use OurSails to discuss career growth, project plans, mental models, books, events, feelings, and experiences. We provide a central place for agendas, a safe space to take notes, thoughtful themes to follow, and empty canvases to fill. Our features make it easy to return to conversations after long gaps in time. Or to plan one-off discussions with many individuals in very short order. Use OurSails for creating a communications plan, or crafting a career plan. For writing down the whole story, or finding the starting point to a discussion.

  • Discussions connect us with new thoughts, and with others.
  • Writing connects us with our thoughts, and our selves.
  • OurSails connect these two together.

Empowering brighter discussions and healthier collaboration

Empowering: stronger and more confident, especially in controlling ones life and direction. Brighter: more colorful, thoughtful, smarter, positive long-term and future oriented. Discussions: the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas. Healthier Collaboration: where both sides have positive outcomes and win-win scenarios, realizing the infinite interconnectedness of all life.

That's what we do.

OurSails Align. Collaborate. Succeed. Who we are

Charles has built and led high-performing engineering organizations from startups to large-cap companies. Helping others align, collaborate, and succeed together is a personal pleasure and motivator. At OurSails, he is keen to discover better ways to facilitate healthy long-term discussions on growth and happiness.

Stephen has directed IT and software development in support of medical case workers. He has a minor in human-computer interaction UI/UX and strives to make user interaction streamlined and intuitive. At OurSails, he is eager to learn new technology and apply it to improve business relationships.

Bonnie has worked with technical systems and led high-performing engineering teams. She has used writing and coaching to explore herself as well as to connect with others. At OurSails, she is excited to use technology to empower the development of ourselves and others in this daily tool, one discussion at a time.

Anthony is an advocate for lifelong learning and believes in the importance of open lines of communication, which aim to bring about personal growth for all involved; shared appreciation of one another; and harmony within a community. Anthony is looking to help OurSailors make the most of the tools on offer to further improve their own quality of life and their positive and purposeful interactions, with others.

Matt is a seasoned expert with over a decade of experience in developing products for businesses and consumers. He has honed an ability to blend user insights with emerging trends, resulting in innovative, user-focused product features. At OurSails, Matt will balance creative problem-solving and strategic execution as Head of Product to design a functional and simple experience that exceeds user expectations.