Article Belbin’s Balance - 9 Personality Types That Create Group Success - Part 6

In the previous article, I introduced the Team Worker and Implementer roles and discussed how leaders can support team members with those personality types in the best ways as well as how to avoid the problems they may experience. In this article, the final two personality types will be discussed and a set of guiding principles will be shared to support your understanding of how to get the best from team members with these personality types.

Who will be the person that gets the job done in your team?

The Indispensable Role of the Completer-Finisher

If there is one personality type that is needed to push the team to get the job done, it has to be the Completer-Finisher. The Complete Finisher personality type is defined by their attention to detail, commitment to quality, and dedication to bringing projects to flawless completion. As we explore Belbin's nine personality types, the Completer-Finisher emerges as the linchpin, ensuring that every task is polished to perfection.

Leveraging the Completer-Finisher's Strengths:

🔍 Harness the Completer-Finisher's attention to detail by involving them in the final stages of project execution. Their meticulous approach ensures that no aspect is overlooked, contributing to the delivery of polished results.

📅 Utilise the Completer-Finisher's skill in managing deadlines. Pair them strategically with Coordinators to ensure that projects progress with precision, aligning with scheduled timelines.

🌐 Alignment with OurSails Platform: The Completer-Finisher benefits from the use of the OurSails platform, emphasising purposeful collaboration and achieving tangible outcomes. Their commitment to flawless completion is enhanced by the platform's reminder function and comment support giving them the means to guide their teammates during the delivery process.

Optimising the Completer-Finisher's Contribution:

📊 Embrace the Completer-Finisher's commitment to quality assurance. Encourage them to take charge of reviewing project outcomes, ensuring that they meet the highest standards before reaching completion.

🔄 Appreciate the Completer-Finisher's adaptability in the final stages of projects. Their ability to address unexpected challenges ensures that the team navigates hurdles with resilience and maintains a commitment to excellence.

🌟 Acknowledge the Completer-Finisher's dedication to precision. Celebrate the achievement of impeccably finished projects, reinforcing a culture that values not only progress but also the attainment of refined, high-quality results.

Mitigating Challenges with the Completer-Finisher:

❌Be mindful of potential perfectionism paralysis. Encourage a balance between meticulousness and timely completion to avoid unnecessary delays. 1-1 Conversations may be needed to keep them focussed on the deadlines not the details.

❌ While valuing their commitment, avoid overwhelming Completer-Finishers with excessive tasks. Foster an environment where delegation is embraced, allowing for efficient distribution of responsibilities. Multitasking is not their friend. Let them focus on finishing one project at a time.

❌ While emphasising perfection, avoid stifling innovation. Encourage collaboration with Plant personalities to infuse creativity into the final stages of projects, striking a balance between precision and fresh, inventive ideas.

In conclusion, understanding and leveraging the Completer-Finisher within our teams is paramount for achieving excellence in project completion. By recognising their strengths, involving them in the final stages of execution, and aligning with the vision of the OurSails platform, we empower Completer-Finishers to guide the team towards success with precision, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

The Specialist is the person in the know about your field, the go to person when specialised knowledge is required.

Excelling in Expertise: The Strategic Role of the Specialist

In each successful team, there is usually that one person who seems to know it all. The Specialist embodies a personality type characterised by deep expertise, focused knowledge, and a commitment to becoming the go-to authority in their field. As we consider Belbin's nine personality types, the Specialist showcases their instrumental role in providing crucial insights and specialised skills to the team.

Leveraging the Specialist's Strengths:

🔍 Harness the Specialist's deep expertise by involving them in projects aligned with their specific knowledge domain. Their in-depth insights contribute to a comprehensive understanding of complex subjects, elevating the team's capabilities.

📚 Utilise the Specialist's commitment to knowledge by encouraging them to share their insights with the team. Pair them strategically with Coordinators to ensure that their information aligns with the overall goals and objectives.

🌐 The team will benefit from the Specialist’s use of the OurSails platform. Their knowledge can be harnessed by asking them to share reports or insights via the ongoing topic logs, which other team members can then learn from.

Optimising the Specialist's Contribution:

📊 Embrace the Specialist's role in informed decision-making. Encourage them to provide expert opinions and insights, ensuring that the team's choices are well-informed and aligned with their expertise.

🔄 Appreciate the Specialist's adaptability in acquiring new knowledge. Their ability to stay current with industry trends ensures that the team benefits from cutting-edge information and maintains a competitive edge.

🌟 Acknowledge the Specialist's dedication to expertise. Celebrate their contributions, reinforcing a culture that values not only collaboration but also the unique skills that each team member brings to the table.

Mitigating Challenges with the Specialist:

❌ Be mindful of potential isolation due to specialised knowledge. Foster an environment where the Specialist actively engages with the team, sharing insights and ensuring that their expertise supports collective success.

❌ While valuing their expertise, avoid tunnel vision. Encourage collaboration with Team Workers and Plants to infuse diverse perspectives and creativity into projects, creating a well-rounded approach to problem-solving.

❌ Ensure that the Specialist actively participates in skill transfer. Encourage them to mentor others, fostering an environment where their knowledge becomes a shared asset within the team.

In conclusion, understanding and leveraging the Specialist within our team is crucial for achieving excellence through specialised knowledge. By recognising their strengths, involving them strategically, and using the OurSails platform to help them share their insights, we empower Specialists to guide the team toward success with proficiency, dedication, and a commitment to expertise.

And there we have it, Belbin’s nine personality types offer leaders a glimpse into the inner workings of the personalities of our team members. It is not a precise science and each team member is likely to have a variety of traits from across the nine personality types. That said, if you can identify each team member's most aligned type, you give yourself a good chance of assigning them tasks that they can likely excel at as well as knowing the kinds of issues they will face and the types of personalities they would work well with or would be angered by. As leaders, it is our job to create a harmonious team that utilises individual strengths as well as complimenting each other's areas for growth, and Belbin has given us the guidance necessary to figure out how to do this successfully. Now it is over to you to put this knowledge to good use. Don’t forget that is there to support you.

  • Align to avoid confusion.
  • Collaborate to avoid suspicion.
  • Succeed without despair.